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SMBfuel Amplify

Local consumers are searching, but… will they find you?

Consumers no longer search for local businesses in the yellow pages. Those days are gone. Consumers are still searching for products and/or services, however it’s all happening digitally. They conduct a Google search because “my basement is flooded”. Or maybe the use their iPhone to instruct Siri to “Find a car parts store near me”. It could be that they are passing through town and use their GPS Navigation system to “find restaurants on my route”.

SMBFuel Amplify

The question remains… Is your small business in a position to be found in all of these outlets?

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SMBfuel Amplify ensures that your critical business contact information is accurate and readily available in over 100 search engines (Google), web directories (, mapping providers (Apple + Google maps) and GPS companies (TomTom).

1. Is there a contract for this service?

No. This service is pay as you go. While we don’t want you to go, if you decide to cancel, we’ll remove the data feeds that provide your critical business contact and category information to the more than 100 search engine and data consumers. If we aren’t managing it for you, we have no control over it. This means that your data might be removed from all those websites, profiles, maps and search providers.

2. How long does it take for my information to show up (or be corrected)?

Normally it takes 30 to 60 days for the search engines to consume your business information. Because this is a data feed service, each search engine can choose to implement your data at different intervals.

Our Amplify Service Povides:

  • Managed business data feeds for over 100 major search engines and applications
  • High placement for local searches on Google and other major search engines
  • White glove service when you’re business information requires updates. Just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s updated as soon as possible.

Amplify Pricing Options

  • Monthly
  • $49/month
    * Additional $99 startup fee
  • Get Started
  • Quarterly
  • $129/quarter
    * Additional $99 startup fee
    Save 12% = $72
  • Get Started
  • Annually
  • $409/year
    * No startup fee
    Save 30% = $179
  • Get Started

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