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Design Services

Solid Design On and Offline

Our design team at SMBfuel carefully considers your brand credibility. We pay attention to the smallest details that matter and believe in brand consistency across different mediums.

Although our main set of design services are digital, we also include additional packages that help small business owners. These services include logo and brand guideline design, business stationery design, brochure design, presentations and general digital production artwork.

Logo and Brand Guidelines

Logo and Brand Guidelines

If the success of your business is important to you, then it makes sense that you invest adequately in the creative process of logo and identity design.

Making a particular set of type or symbol or combination of both a memorable and pleasing experience is challenging. Successful logo design is a process of simplification and minimal elegance. Our designers have the experience to extract meaning, make associations, and take in perception considerations that result in a memorable logo.

Basic Logo Package

This budget range is best suited for the small business, self-employed, small web shop that is looking for a simple stand-alone logo mark or icon design. Initial planning, development of brief, and amounts of revisions are limited.

Extended Logo Package

This budget range is best suited for an intermediate project where logotype and brand standards are really important across different types of media. Having a logo-identity that is executed across all types such as print, web, social media, video in a consistent manner requires additional planning and production time. Getting substantial advice and considering getting it right can save you a lot of time, energy and investment

Professional Logo Package

If your brand identity is the main way to attract and filter business opportunities, then your budget needs to adequately cover the amount of time for planning and the creative process that yields the best results. Time is crucial when investigating personality, perception, and delivering the perfect visual message that reflects your brand and standard. This package is for advanced production with meticulous revisions and drafts until the desired style look and feel is achieved.

Business Stationery Design

Business Stationary Design

If you are like any small business owner, you realize that image is important down to the last detail. Present yourself professionally with print materials.

SMBfuel can create a package where amazing print designs perfectly match your website. We can help you with your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, email signature and presentations.

Business Card Design

Be ready and proud to end a great conversation with the handout of a business card that professionally promotes your brand. Shape, thickness, legibility and quality of card stock all make a difference.

Letterhead Design

Present letters, proposals, invoices and other multipurpose printed materials with confidence. Whether it’s a digital template for general use and printing in-house, or it’s professionally printed at your local press, SMBfuel can assist with the creation of professional letterhead for your business.

Envelope Design

Are you sick and tired of writing out your address on envelopes? Are you tired of printing clear labels and working to make your envelopes match your other print materials? SMBfuel can quickly design a simple layout to make your life easier. Save time and energy and let the pros get this simple task done for you.

Email Signature Setup

Small details matter. In the age of digital communication, email plays a huge role in our daily communications. Sign off with clear contact information and your logo. Send your follow-up communication and impress your contacts with the smallest of details.

Presentation Design

Are you constantly presenting information to prospects, speaking to audiences, or porting slides on your website? Even education materials represent the marketing efforts of your company. Your audience will appreciate a professional and well-crafted presentation deck. Bring everything together and ensure that your presentations match your brand guidelines perfectly.

Printed Brochure Design

Printed Brochure Design

Leave interested prospects with an informative brochure to boost follow-up conversations, establish credibility and provide extended details on the value your business delivers.

Beautiful brochures should be available to any business owner. The key to creating amazing brochures is carefully crafting and mixing design and content. Simplify your message, create calls to action, and provide contact details so your audience can take their time and follow-up with you when the timing is right.

The balancing act between simple, not boring and eye-catching, but clutter-free is what SMBfuel can deliver. Our design team is ready to speak with you and provide recommendations on layout, design, and managing content. We will gather your information, generate print specifications, and recommend a brochure package that won’t break the bank.

The creativity and execution of such delicate materials for your company must be left in capable hands of talented designers!

Digital Production Artwork

Digital Production Artwork

SMBfuel builds websites for you to easily and quickly add your existing graphical assets. But what if you don’t have any pre-exiting professional graphics? Don’t worry. We can help!

We work with companies and business owners from all walks of life. Some companies that hire us have all kinds of pre-existing graphics that we can use. Other customers are starting from the beginning and they need help. Since every project is unique, our talented design team is ready to create beautiful production artwork for your project.

Carousels and Banners

Carousel or Banner design is the most common request we get when it comes to production artwork. Many websites utilize a homepage-rotating-carousel as it saves space and announces key selling points or promotions. However, mere text is boring and doesn’t maximize visitor attention. SMBfuel’s design team will help find stock photography, pick title fonts, manipulate your marketing statements and design banners that are eye-candy while matching your brand.

Infographics and Iconography

Dumping content into the body of a web page is what most people do because it’s easy. However, statistics clearly indicate that sprinkling simple icons, graphics, illustrations and imagery will boost attention and retention. Don’t bore your prospective customers with tons of content. People don’t read text heavy content online without breaking up the content with visuals. Deliver your message with well thought out and professionally produced graphic artwork.

Graphics for Social Media — Twitter and Facebook

Participating in Social Media can drive traffic and build awareness for your business. Connecting with the online community has never been easier. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the way we can stay connected and follow people around the world.

SMBfuel believes in brand design consistency. From your website to your print materials and even your Twitter to Facebook landing pages, consistent brand guidelines do matter. Ensure that you’re social media pages are setup properly and deliver that professional image you have worked so hard to achieve on your website.

Interested in any of our Design Services? Give us a call and get started.