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Coastal Cake Company

British Columbia Confectionary Marketing Website

Coastal Cake Company specializes in Wedding Cakes, Special Occasion Cakes, and Delectable Treats.

Coastal Cake Company

Operational Efficiencies

Adam and Marieke had established an amazing business that was growing. They had a current website, but wanted to update the brand, and visual appeal, but most importantly they wanted to start taking orders online, and reduce many of the manual tasks associated with running their business. This young couple was striving to increase the company growth, but find more time for each other. They reached out for a website solution that would help them improve their overall sales and operational processes. They valued the SMB Fuel web engine that made this possible.

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Coastal Cake Company

The Results:

Today, the Coastal Cake Company has been able to continually grow their business without all the additional labor associated:

  • CMS managed website enables easy updates to the Gallery and Homepage carousel for featured cakes
  • Captures all the client information when ordering online within the CRM database
  • Leverage a calendar integration that blocks out "booked"dates for cake orders
  • Online payment capabilities to cut down on manual transactions and phone calls
  • Surge in website traffic in the first 3 months - over 300%
Marieke Nijenhuis

Marieke Nijenhuis (Owner of Coastal Cake Company)

Our metrics certainly show the strength of our branding when placed in context with a well designed site, thanks to SMBfuel.

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