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Discovering and Harnessing Potential Brain Power Through Assessments and Trainings.


Branding a Neu You

After 21 years in the industry, an economic down turn and new offerings in the Marketplace, Stephan Hager was looking to consolidate his 3 different practical neuroscience businesses with their own offerings into one fresh brand that added live and fun to an otherwise scholarly topic. After guidance on establishing a company name, logo identity, and branding, NeuIdentity came to life with the final execution of an e-commerce website.

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The Results:

With the help of our creative team, we helped him establish a new brand, website, and overall business identity with new and current clients:

  • Leverage e-commerce for a variety of the product offerings
  • Increased SEO visibility
  • Updates resources easily and often using the SMB Fuel web platform
  • Captures all client information using the CRM
  • Leverages Email campaigns for marketing to specified prospects and clients
  • Consolidated 3 disparate businesses into one credible unified website
Stephen Hager

Stephen Hager (Co-founder of the Hadron Group)

I'm more than satisfied with SMBfuel's work, and our ongoing relationship. If you want high quality visuals and a robust web engine to market your business, SMBfuel is the best choice.

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