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SMBfuel Difference

SMBfuel is not just about design and development of “websites”

We see websites as an extension of your business, your digital storefront, and we provide small businesses the tools and processes to gain online leads and sales through the means of a comprehensive website platform made credible with amazing design and functional code.

SMBFuel Difference

Is your website running properly?

Website Credibility for Small Business Owners

If your website isn’t bringing you at least online leads, does it “run” or even function if it isn’t hitting a specified conversion? This should be a measure of your website. Why would you pay anything ongoing for a website that doesn’t fulfill it’s intended purpose.

It’s much like having a car that is broken down. If it can’t get you from Point A to Point B, what’s its value?

Would you buy or keep a car if it doesn’t run?

No, not unless you are an expert and could work on it yourself to get it running.

The same applies to your website.

Why waste time or money to have a website that “doesn’t run” and serve its intended purpose. Visitors need more than just your contact information and a bio.

They need to experience your “online store front.” They want to know:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why you are different
  • How you can help
  • Proof of what you’ve done
  • How people feel about your business
  • Resources that can help me
  • How to get more info, an appointment, a quote, etc.

Unless you are a website mechanic and can make a website run, the DIY or template approach is a risky approach for website success.

On the other end of the spectrum… Just because you need a car that runs doesn’t mean you have to drive a Ferarri. If you are in the market, it’s a great option to build exactly what you need based on intense marketing, branding and consumer research and consulting. Plan to spend at least $15K on the site with ongoing maintenance and content update costs. And just because you can afford a Ferrari of all websites, only if your branding and company goals align with longer “to market” timelines and very custom design and development needs, should you go that route. 

You really can have an amazing custom-looking website without the costs of custom. Many clients use the excess funds where they can see additional value, like digital and traditional marketing tactics.

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