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Our Story

You hear the adage… Practice what you preach, it speaks louder than words.

That’s just what we do!

We leverage the same 5-in-one web engine to build our 5 different brands. We have the in-house talent to design and build anything on any technology, but we believe so much in our technology base, process, and marketing capabilities that we built 2 agencies, and 3 product-based companies and use all the components of this system.

Our Story

Our most recent product company: museGrid


museGrid, a new line of business for our parent company Pixel IQ, needed a website solution that could get us to market fast, with quality design and solid coding practices.


As Adobe Creative Cloud became more popular, and our agency realized more that there was an untapped market with these “creatives”, we used our experience with TribeVita and leveraged our team’s knowledge of Adobe Muse to launch a new business.

The challenge in our case was not money or expenses of creating another website; it was all about timing. We felt it was important to be visible and ready to start selling when the market demanded templates for projects within the New Year. So time was of the essence, and we had to get our site to market quickly! From concept of business idea to launch of the website was exactly one month to the day! Not to mention, we made our first sale the day of launch… not a bad start to a new business.

Our Process

As we mention often, we drink our own kool-aid and practice what we preach. Being in the time constraint to launch our new line of business, we decided to leverage our own template frameworks. We took our existing PSD files, and “reskinned” one of our responsive templates with our museGrid branding. We designed our logo, chose our color palette, created our custom banners, added our products, entered content, and launched our new site… All within 30 days!

The Results:
  • Concepted, branded, designed, developed, populated and launched a new business website in 30 days
  • Built a successful marketplace for Adobe Muse templates/widgets generating $20K per month and growing
  • Launched a site which hit #1 on target keywords in organic Google search in one month using SEO coding best practices
  • Leverage an easy to manage video module to update ongoing tutorials for our audience

What does this mean for you?

What does this mean for you?

Expertise — we don’t dabble in varying technologies. We picked systems that would benefit small businesses in every respect.

Completed R&D — We did the heavy lifting and research so you can reap the benefits of awesome technology after months of testing, validating, and maintaining solutions to find the right comprehensive solution without jeopardizing creative freedom in design.

Proof — By successfully leveraging our process, tools, and business model for our own business websites, you can validate what works. We genuinely believe enough in how we build websites to not only leverage the web engine for one line of business, but repeatedly for all of our 5 brands.

Compassion — We understand your challenges and goals as a small business ourselves, and share our insights and thoughts.

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